Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Jaime Stone

About the Filmmakers

Jaime Stone Dead– Make Up

Ever since she was thirteen, Jaime has had an unnatural obsession with the horror genre. Every Friday she would rent two horror films, consume an entire pizza, and brainstorm what it would be like to create monstrosities such as Jason, Michael, and Freddy. Over the years, Jaime slowly began to delve more and more into the magical land of Special FX Makeup.

Each year the projects she worked on grew more and more sophisticated and complex. Jaime started out just doing her friends’ makeup for Halloween, then started making appointments for people who would come to her house early on Halloween. Alongside that she was working at multiple local haunted attractions.

Later down the road, Jaime started doing zombie marches and short films. As soon as she joined the ZIAPS team she knew she was in for something fun and unique. Not only did this film satisfy her need to splatter blood everywhere in a 15 ft radius, but it was also an awesome experience that pushed her to try new ideas and techniques. 

E-mail: StoneDeadFX@Gmail.com 

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