Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Jared Stern

About the Filmmakers

Jared Stern – Developer / Producer

Nearly three decades ago, Jared was born with a knack for sarcasm, bullshitting and making people laugh. A future in politics was inevitable. Instead he used his charm to secure a degree in Make-Believe (BFA Acting), and moved to New York to collect experience as an actor. He expanded into stand-up comedy, with inappropriate jokes and songs that legally prohibit him from being within a five-mile radius of most playgrounds. Jared is the creator of the web series Blood Light where he is honored to have Chris as his director and personal masseuse.

When not writing or bartending, you’ll find him watching complete seasons of The Office, winning children in Halo or lounging around in his mother’s undeniably comfortable Capri pants.



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