Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Jessica Garrett Mulder

About the Filmmakers

Jessica Mulder – Developer / Producer

Jessica Mulder is a writer, artist, part-time comedian and full-time havoc wreaker. Indecisive by nature, she finally decided to not decide on anything and instead dabble in any and everything that sparks her creative interests.

She spent the past year working as an Artistic Director and Producer for the web series Blood Light, and thoroughly enjoyed working with the cast and crew, being thrown into random scenes as an extra and often acting as a production assistant. It took absolutely no convincing to have her help out as a production assistant, extra and whatever else she could do for the ZIAPS project.

She is a regular contributor to the Brooklyn based blog, Fucked in Park Slope and also writes her own random musings at www.iinventedshizam.com.


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