Zombie in a Penguin Suit

Jonathan Skyler

About the Filmmakers

Jonathan Skyler - Visual Effects

Jonathan Slyker is a professional video editor and visual effects artist living in the Boston area. He graduated in 2006 from The Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University. After graduation Jonathan worked for a time as a freelance video editor focusing on documentary projects as well as short narrative films. In 2007 Jonathan took a full time position as assistant video editor at Soup2Nuts animation studio. A year later he took over as senior video editor and is now the head of the post production department for the studio. Work at the studio has allowed Jonathan to gain experience and knowledge of various post production aspects such as motion graphics, visual effects and compositing as well as managing team members and creating effective work flows. Jonathan continues to create and improve his knowledge and skill set not only through the numerous projects that come through the studio, but through taking on additional freelance jobs that allow him to experiment, enhance and continually expand his passion for the post production arts.

Jonathan Slyker is often seen wearing a hat. He currently resides in a one bedroom apartment with a pretty cool cat named “One”. He is older than he used to be.


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